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Sintang 2,5 Dekade – Sintang 2,5 Decade

Sintang 2,5 Dekade is book about Sintang development in 1989 until 2015 (around 25 years). This book is reavealing many things about  Sintang, especially about comparison what was Sintang look like in 1989, 2010, and 2015, how Sintang was developed, what tradition still exist in Sintang, until 2015. This book contains 6 Chapters in it. First Chapter is Prologue, about What Sintang look like then and now. Second Chapters is about Sintang in 1989. Third Chapter is about Sintang Icon, such as their sites history, education center, culinary, and etc. Forth Chapter is about their tourism facilities, like hotel, public transportation, and many more. Fifth Chapter, focusing on what Sintang look like in 2015. Written about Their Education center in 2015, river condition, traditional market, and etc. Sixth Chapter discuss about their public figures. And, the last chapter, Chapter Seven, is  Conclusion about all Chapter. The main idea is about what Sintang has become from 1989 until 2015, and what implication has been affect due the change and development the government, and its society have built.

Yusriadi, currently, a lecturer on State Islamic Institute of Pontianak (IAIN Pontianak). He state on Introduction in page 5 that “Although this book was not written by through deeper research, this book give us, the readers, slightly image about what has been accomplished by that old and valuable city in Kalimantan Barat inland. (*)



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