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Cinta Pribumi – Indigenous Love

Genre of this book is Novel, telling about love story of indigenous people, Dida and Rayu. Concerns, Worries, and Imagination often haunting these two lovers. Soo many limitation that intercept their path all of the sudden. One of them areculture and ethnic. Ethnic become something more considerable. Culture and Psychology become massive problem. But Dida and Rayu prove them strong will that ethnic and culture difference is not an issue, that love can break any those ‘psychologies’ excuses. These youngs want to show that they can inspire others with their twits and romantic love story.

Ambaryani (ex-member of  Club Menulis IAIN Pontianak). Yusriadi is Council of Writing Club in State Islamic Institute of Pontianak (IAIN), West Kalimantan, Indonesia. (*)



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